The True Cost of Alcohol and Drug Addictions

It is a road that so many are choosing to travel on as they escape from their responsibilities and enter the world of semi-awareness of what is reality. Unfortunately, many of these victims are producing children who they rear in the void of unsubstantiated thoughts and actions. They are disconnected and so are their children. No matter what the needs of their offspring it is beyond them to afford it or to stretch their minds to cope with them.

This is having a devastating effect on communities where children from such households are expected to undergo education and succeed in the real world. They feel ashamed and often skip classes because they have fallen so far behind their peers. The question is why do we not remove the cause before attempting to fix the problem.

Alcohol is the most available drug and those who are addicted are caught in a web of pain and locked into a ship of destruction that has only one outcome, unless they can jump off. That takes courage and a lot more pain and many are not up to it. That means they continue on the same path and the children they have in their care are battered and bruised by it.

Even when they make an attempt to escape they walk into a supermarket and there it is, just inside the door. In their jobs they are offered alcohol as part of ‘joining in’ at parties and social events. There seems to be no escape from it on every level unless one chooses to isolate themselves from the temptation.

That becomes a bigger problem as loneliness and depression is often the result of being isolated. That increases the need for escape and, therefore, more drugs or alcohol. The human race is caught in something they have manufactured for ‘fun’ and entertainment. It is, however, a toxin that is poisoning the world.

Children who find they can’t succeed in the real world are the new candidates to follow in the footsteps of their parents. They turn to drugs and/or alcohol until one-day death takes them. The cost of both these substances is enormous and those who make money from them should look at what they are doing to a world already in crisis.

While many remain illiterate because of their poor upbringing the poverty and problems that beset them will continue. This is not a government issue but one that individuals must address. If one put a gun to someone’s head and threatened to pull the trigger, there is help for it but alcohol and drugs are worse than that and governments are loath to ban them. While they try to shut down the drug marketeers the supermarkets temp them with alcohol.

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