Real Estate Advertising Ideas – 5 Unique Advertising Options

When building customer-base for real estate, success is not an overnight feat. It will involve a lot of hard work. Letting other people know of your business or about the property you sell does not totally mean that you have to place lots of text-based ads all over. You have to be creative to excite your potential buyers. Here are some tips for your next real estate advertising goal.

  1. Create a video walk through of the house. Take advantage of the technology offered by smartphones and drones. Using them plus your creativity, you can shoot at different parts of the house to present realistic view of what you are selling.
  2. Build free offers to collect email addresses. If you are observant, you probably can see that a lot of websites and blogs have pop-ups offering free trials, free newsletters, pdf downloads of articles, and a lot more. By simply filling out the electronic forms, users can give you email addresses which you can later use to send out your offers of real estate properties being sold.
  3. Be a resource person for local TV networks and radio stations. By being an expert person on real estate, you can actually gain the attention of local TV networks and radio stations. It’s like applying for a job but if you’re able to hook with them, you will have a great venue to advertise the properties in your portfolio. You can email them to send either a letter stating your endeavor or a short video presenting yourself as an expert and willing to be their resource person on subjects related to real estate.
  4. Take advantage of the trending internet memes. Admit it or not, you are also among the bunch of internet users who are enthused with the trending memes we see. They carry a range of graphics ranging from animation characters, Hollywood stars, animals, and a lot more. Depending on the graphics and the texts that go with them, they become instruments to send-off messages to those who see them. With this said, then you can have memes that actually persuade people to buy the property you are selling or call them to action to avail your services as a real estate agent.
  5. Have video testimonials done by previous clients. Go beyond the usual testimonials which are fully textual and placed on specific sections of the website or blog. Instead, ask for video testimonials from your past clients. Aside from presenting their real experiences, you present real people to potential customers.

Go unique. Go beyond the usual. Exhaust your creative juice to excite your clients. Real estate marketing is tasking and will need you to work your way to become a brand and an authority.

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Online vs. Offline Advertising

Let’s face it. Email marketing and publishing have became

very popular tool for promoting your business, especially in the

USA. Many people use email in everyday communication. Email is

fast and cheap. What would you like more? Many people subscribe

to ezines about Internet, Jokes, Tips, Recipes, Horoscopes…

Majority of these emails are free and very quality.

Advertising and marketing online and offline has at least one

thing in common – you have to know your target audience. Market

segmentation is very important because you don’t want to loose

your money sending your ads to someone who has no interest in

it. Email advertising and online advertising in general is more

effective because there are many state-of-the-art techniques

which enable that you track every advertising.

Some good services for tracking are:

Web Site Tracking

Stat Counter

Web Trends

Email Tracking

Group Metrics

In online

advertising you can get information where your visitors are

coming from, what do they read on your web site, how much is

your email newsletter open-ratio, how much is click/through ratio

for every link in your newsletter, also you can get demographic

reports about your visitors/subscribers and many other things.

Because of that, in online presence you have great options for

1-1 marketing. You can adjust your web site design and content

according to your visitor needs.

If you advertise on TV or magazines you can’t know exactly how

many people actually saw your ad. There are some predictions

but not that precise, of course.

One of the main advantages of offline advertising over online

is that people still believe more in what they see on TV than

on the Internet.

Online promotion has one very big advantage over offline

promotion and that is interactivity. In online promotion you

can have interactive ads that behave differently based on

visitor’s behavior. Popular thing in online advertising is

making ads like mini home pages. Yahoo! use that technique for

advertising their services.

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How to Buy Real Estate Advertising Even When Money Is Tight

Trying to boost your real estate sales and profits while saving your resources can be a delicate balancing act. Between maintaining current levels of turn-around, trying to minimize loss, as well as maximizing your profitability, it may seem counter intuitive to begin considering pouring resources into a new strategy. Real estate advertising may look like a gamble when things have stagnated, but great amazing marketing and the knowledge of professional business consultants can be just the boost you need to revitalize your real estate business. Here are some tips on how to buy real estate advertising even when money is tight.

1. Know your marketing needs.

When you are shopping around for the perfect consulting firm to help you with your advertising it is important to know what your needs are. The more specific you can be with the needs of your business, the more fine-tuned the proposals and solutions will be during your consultations. Once you have some great strategic marketing proposals to consider, you can begin looking honestly at your particular needs and assess the potential in each accurately. Knowledge is power, and the power to differentiate from useful information and rubbish will save you money in the end.

2. Go with consultants who have great insight.

Are the marketing proposals you are being pitched boring? Do they seem outdated? Make sure your real estate advertising is targeted to your clients and is innovative, cutting-edge, and overall nothing short of brilliant. You want to be wowed by the insight and expertise of the professionals you are paying to bring your marketing and brand up to date with the current climate of your target clients. In some instances this requires completely fresh perspectives and total overhaul. More often than not, it requires experience and wisdom in executing marketing campaigns with minor tweaks in your overall message.

3. Make sure you brand is fine tuned.

You should be seeing opportunities to tweak every aspect of your advertising from messaging to branding. Your brand is the root of all your business value. Even in real estate, a simple and easy to recognize brand can convey the essence of what it is exactly you are selling them. For example, are you offering a particular style of housing? Luxury, family homes, etc., or are you offering a way of life such as retirement homes or easy living. Having a strong brand adds value and increases your profitability while conveying the deeper meaning and worth of your unique niche. Find professionals who can hone in on your uniqueness and fine tune your brand.

4. Use data and analytics

Advertising can be a very cerebral field of work. Thinking about every nuance of your business needs and trying to market to the perfect client base can become mind numbing without a proper grip on perspective. Using data and analytics to check and assess the level of success of your advertising campaign is a great way to get an accurate feel for what is working and what is not saving you money. End unsuccessful tactics immediately and move onto other ideas by looking objectively at data and analytics provided by your advertising agency.

Hiring the right consulting firm and advertising agency can be the difference between stagnation and revitalizing your business. The next time you are in need of a real estate advertising reboot, make sure to follow these money-saving tips.

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Advertising Alternatives For A Small Web Based Business

If you are a business owner, even a new one, then you probably understand what good advertising can do for your local business.

Being a an entrepreneur, you would like essentially the most people possible to know about your merchandise and services and where to find them; this is true of both offline and online merchants.

A Great Alternative For Locally Owned Businesses

Using free online ads, even in the form of local online classified’s, can usually get the word out quickly about your business and have your information seen by a multitude of people in a matter of minutes. This is one other reason local online ads are a good advertising alternative to more traditional methods.

Specific Market Targeting Works Well

An additional reason for anyone to want to find advertising alternatives is when they have a particular item which they want to sell. Probably the most popular items that can be found in local online ads is used vehicles. Car online classified’s account for a huge part of the kind of items which are obtainable on websites like these.

Lots of the cars which might be obtained by searching online are not only used cars, you will find almost any model of motor vehicle including antique cars and collectables. For those looking for a vehicle, the local online classified ads can be a virtual car lot.

Online Is Now The Preferred Choice For Advertising And Marketing

For anybody who is sick and tired of listing by way of the classified ads in your newspaper or want to find an advertising alternative that will enable you to have more people view your item, then try free online ads. Not only is this form of advertising not going to cost you a penny, but it will enable you to increase the amount of people who will see your advertisement.

When looking to sell an item, getting the most coverage from your advertising is extremely important. By using the internet to place your advertisements, you can increase your customer reach and even in some cases sell your product quicker than by using traditional methods.

If you use the internet at all, only to check your web mail, you’ve seen countless online advertisements. These ads, while some may be irritating, really are a very effective way of getting into an extensive audience. Online advertising is considered the standard media of this generation for getting products out to the public.

If you have a business online then you need to be aware of the way to reach that target market successfully through ads and even search engines like Google or as happens now, Social Media Marketing.

The earnings which you can generate is limited only by your creativity and knowledge.

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Protecting Brands From Online Trademark Infringement Via Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The Internet provides a vast frontier for commerce. Unfortunately, due its nature, the Internet is ripe for unscrupulous third parties to divert sales from brand owners by tricking consumers into believing their products and services are associated with a well-known brand. Companies should be diligent in policing their brands online.

How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works

One of the ways diversion happens is through pay-per-click advertising or “PPC” as it is known in the industry. A PPC campaign is set up through Google or another search engine to bid on certain keywords matching an Internet search query. In the first step, the user selects the keywords and typically sets a maximum amount or cumulative budget for each keyword. Next, the user prepares a short advertisement to be shown by the search engine in the paid sponsors or links section of the search results when the keyword is searched. Search engines have varied the manner in which these advertisements are displayed, so they are no longer limited to the top or right portions of the screen. If all goes according to plan, the user’s advertisement will redirect the searcher to another webpage where services and products are offered for sale. These products and services may have nothing to do with the brand names used as keywords.

Trademark Infringement in PPC Advertising Significantly Harms Brands

Because PPC campaigns are largely unpoliced on the Internet, they are particularly effective at diverting sales from brand owners as they efficiently locate people interested in the brand and display advertisements to them high in the search engine listings. This can lead to millions of dollars annually in diverted sales. This is a huge problem for companies. And the problem is not limited to companies engaging in e-commerce. All companies that sell products or services under a brand name are at risk, even if they only have brick-and-mortar retail outlets.

In addition to diverted sales, brand owners face significant harm to their goodwill where the diverted products and services are inferior to their brand name equivalent. This is because the consumer is confused as to the source of the products and services and attributes their inferior quality to the brand owner. Worse, the brand owner is frequently unaware this has happened, and as a consequence, cannot take steps to correct the confusion.

What should Brand Owners do to Protect Themselves?

A good first step is to register all brands and other trademarks. A trademark acts a source identifier and can be a word, phrase, logo, tagline, or other identifier. Obtaining a federal registration provides the brand owner with significant rights, including nationwide priority, which is very important for combatting infringement on the Internet.

Next, the company should police its brands by monitoring the search engines to see what comes up either in the sponsored links as a result of PPC advertising or in the organics when searching the trademarks as keywords. Infringing use of the trademarks in these advertisements should be addressed.

In certain circumstances, trademark owners can request that Google and other search engine companies prohibit use of the owner’s trademarks in their keyword suggestion tool or in PPC advertisements. While litigation is ongoing and the question of whether search engine companies can be liable for PPC advertising infringement is not settled, it’s best to build a record of repeatedly requesting the search engine companies to cease use of trademarks in their PPC advertising programs. This puts the search engine companies on notice, which may be helpful later if litigation ensues.

Finally, if all of these steps do not address the infringement, it may be time to hire an attorney to file suit to stop the infringement. See our website for additional information regarding steps to protect trademarks and reduce trademark infringement.

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CPP Versus CPA in Advertising

When website owners are looking for a proven to work strategy to get relevant visitors to their sites, they usually face the question; should they use CPP or CPA advertising methods? Indeed, the growth of CPA marketing companies show that that type of traffic and lead generation does pay off long term, and there are several good offers on the market, some other experts say that it is overrated and online businesses should go back to CPP advertising. First of all, the authors would like to define the two terms in online marketing, and then highlight the differences relating to the debate: CPP versus CPA in advertising.

What is CPP Advertising?

CPP basically stands for Cost Per Rating Point. This way the advertiser buys an ad space and the cost is determined as the cost of reaching one percent of the audience. Before setting up an online CPP advertising campaign, there is a need for researching the medium and finding out more about the user statistics. Checking whether the people visiting the site are interested in the product is essential, therefore, market and media research skills are needed. Measuring the performance of online ads is done by comparing the cost of reaching audience with the profits the campaign generates.

What is CPA Advertising?

CPA advertising is short for Cost per Action or Cost per Acquisition. This is a simpler method to measure results, as the user needs to take some action in order to bring in money. Some lead generation campaigns measure cost per lead and then convert this into CPA; how many leads it takes to generate a sale; how much money it is worth when a customer takes action. This is a simple method and measures conversions instead of reach.

Is There a Guarantee that CPA Works?

There are many CPA companies on the internet with different affiliates. There are newbies and advanced marketers among them, therefore, choosing the right pay per action campaign and company is essential. Some of these affiliates would also use CPP as an advertising method, in order to get conversions paying for displaying the company’s ad. There is not much control over where these ads go, but at least the merchant does not need to do the market research. As they only pay the CPA company for conversions or leads, the risks associated are lower than in CPP advertising.

The Benefits of CPP Advertising

Many experts say that provided that the company chooses the online medium right where they would want to reach the target audience, the cost of sales in CPP advertising is much lower. However, if the market research is neglected, it is a waste of money and time. One needs to test the two different methods and measure results to get an answer to the debate: CPP versus CPA in advertising.

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Affordable Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising

Pay per click search engine advertising is an affordable form of advertising when it is used properly. You use a pay per click advertising campaign to create qualified leads rather than make direct sales, though you can do both. By creating qualified leads you help potential buyers find the specific product they are seeking to fulfill their needs.

Pay per click advertising also helps people sort out the right websites to seek the information they require. Having the right information on your site once your visitor has clicked your ad is equally important. Information is a valuable tool on the Internet and if you are able to provide quality information for your website visitors, they are far more likely to make their purchases through you,

Finding qualified traffic using a pay per click advertising campaign

By spending the time to write good ads for your campaign, you are bringing qualified leads to your website. A well written ad helps eliminate costly and unnecessary clicks from non prospective buyers. The aim of your pay per click campaign is to be clear and interesting enough in your ads to only attract high quality prospects. Good headlines and ad copy is the best way to get a quick and high return on your initial outlay.

You start your campaign by choosing relevant keywords and there are many tools to help you. Google’s own AdWords campaign has many tools to help. You are looking for keywords with a good number of searches each month, yet do not have a high cost or competition. How much you choose to spend on your campaign will vary according to your budget and your return on investment (number of sales made against the number of clicks). Bidding on keywords can cost between $100 to $100,000 depending on your budget and resources. The keywords you choose and their popularity in searches will have a huge impact on your costs. Prices can change dramatically in just days if particular keywords become popular. Just think of celebrities to understand how the popularity of one keyword or phrase can soar overnight.

If you choose obscure keywords or phrases, you may not get many leads, but they will be highly targeted, however, if you choose general terms, you will find a huge amount of competition and you may be forced to pay much higher bid prices to be listed.

  1. The elements of pay per click campaigns
  2. There are three elements to a pay per click advertising campaign; monitoring, analysis and refinement. If you can track and manage your pay per click campaign successfully, you can bring in significant returns to your website.

    A good pay per click company will allow you to monitor each and every ad you place. You should place several ads per keyword, each one only a little different to the other, by a word or two so you can easily see why one performs better than another. This way, you are easily able to remove any poorly performing ads and only retain those that are working for you. Keep creating new ads based on the best performance and track the results.

    Watch an ad for a week or so to see performance over time. Note if there is a considerable rise or drop in activity on a particular day or time and target your individual ads to those periods.

    You are only charged when someone clicks on your ads and that cost is deducted from the funds you place into the search engine company’s account. To minimize unnecessary costs, you must monitor your ads for performance.

  3. How to use a pay per click advertising campaign
    You can be ahead of the pack if you take the time to understand how to best benefit from pay per click campaigns.

    There is a lot more than just bidding the most on the keywords you want. Information is what really drives your success, after the click has been made.

    Providing your users with relevant interesting information will help create a relationship between you and your visitors. Capturing their email address will increase your opportunity to inform your visitors about your products or services over and over again.

    Only when you can fulfill the needs of your website visitor will you make a sale. By providing information you can ensure that you can act as an absent salesperson and answer the questions of your visitor. You need to answer every question about your product that you can think of, because you don’t have the opportunity to talk to your visitor directly and determine their needs and wants individually.

    While subscriptions to your opt in list don’t bring about direct sales, you have to look for a longer term approach to see how well your pay per click advertising campaign is working for you.

    Sign ups also generate leads of highly qualified potential customers. They are already qualified by clicking on your ad and then by signing up for your promotional material. There are a lot of ways to encourage visitors to sign up, but that is not part of this article.

Pay per click advertising campaigns are a continuous process requiring regular monitoring and an understanding of the basic processes of how a pay per click campaign works. You may find that it is beneficial to hire a company to assist. Whatever you choose, you will get a return on investment with a pay per click campaign if you do your research properly, choose keywords and phrases that are searched often but don’t have high competition, then provide good quality information for your visitors when they click on your ads.

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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is used to promote or advertise products and services using billboards, storefront signs, banners, wraps, decals, and other forms of signage. Vehicle wraps is a good example of how outdoor advertising works. It is a very effective and inexpensive tool for small companies who are looking to advertise their business in a specific area and within a limited budget. Without signs, it would be hard for customers to find a business or get information regarding products and services.

Outdoor signs are probably the first thing customers see and established an impression about the nature of a business. To leave a good impression on your visitors, you have to display your products, services, pricing etc. in a very attractive and creative way. Information should be displayed in a very simple and conspicuous way so that customers can quickly understand what your business is all about.

It is absolutely imperative for a business, whether small or large, to install signs as a source to build brand identity and authority. To make things simple, you can just visit your city and see what kind of sign boards grab your attention. It will give you a fair chance to develop an understanding of what type of signage would work for your business.

If you are running a business which involves a fleet of vehicles facilitating delivery of products and services, your company’s name, products, services, logo, contact information etc. should be clearly visible on your vehicles. A billboard might cost a handful of money. However, vehicles can be used as cheap mobile billboards.

Billboards are usually used to address a large audience. It is probably hard for small businesses to afford billboards as a source of outdoor advertising. However, a billboard, if designed properly, can be very useful in promoting campaigns, offers, or anything desired.

Banners is another tool to boost up outdoor advertising campaigns. It can be used as both indoor and outdoor signs. You can decide the size and content of banners depending on your requirements. A complete range of outdoor signs can be obtained from signage companies. It is not feasible to make a banner or billboard at home for it requires printing equipment and skills. Therefore, it is advisable to visit a reputable signage company to get perfectly designed outdoor advertising signs.

Despite the unprecedented advancement in technology, these simple outdoor advertising tools to promote products and services remain relevant and effective. So do not miss out the opportunity to promote your business with limited sources.

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Modernistic Advertising

Advertising, in common with other phases of human effort, is subject to the vagaries of fashion. The popular presentation of today may become obsolete tomorrow. In advertising and particularly in advertising layout fashionable changes have become so definite, regular and persistent that one can plot their progress on a graph paper and discern what research workers term “trends” in both technique and space shapes.

In studying modernistic advertising of real estate, however, we must not be misled by those who exaggerate these changes. We must refuse to be convinced by the statement that advertising is smashing its own conventions. If you take a typical advertisement of 20 years ago and compare its techniques with advertisements of today, you will find they have little in common but an analysis of fundamentals will reveal that both are calculated to attract and to interest the reader in their respective styles both set out to convince him of the merits of the product or services they offer.

Today we tend, perhaps, to give more weight than formerly to attracting the reader. This is explained by the highly competitive conditions under which the modern advertising of Simi Valley real estate appears. The average newspaper, laid out for raid perusal, is one big shout for attention and as the reading time devoted to the newspaper is shorter than before, your message must “stand out” and hold eye of the reader it is to be read at all. Rules and precepts play a minor role in this absorbing game of planning the modernistic advertisement of Newbury Park real estate. Take a soft pencil and a pad and while your mind turn over the pictorial possibilities of the lines and tones your pencil has made. Let your mind’s eye see something concrete in their disorder and inconsistency. Unless you are completely devoid of imagination symbol upon which you will build your real estate advertising messages. Your rough and spasmodic scribbling, in fact, may furnish you with the complete theme of your layout. That is one way to start.

In the beginning still appears to be vague. So we shall develop a rough layout for possibilities. From this it is evident that our “line of opposition” is quite attractive. The illustration, it should be remembered, exemplified only one method. The layout man is generally more restricted. Definitely have to start with the request that a figure is embodied. Another way of starting the layout is to look for inspiration in sources more definite and mechanical. The most prosaic and inanimate objects can come in for attention in this connection the pattern of a carpet, for instance, may be full of ideas for you. Advertising of Thousand Oaks Real Estate, Granada Hill generally agree on this point.

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Discount Newspaper Advertising – How to Buy Newspaper Space Ads at Discount

1. Newspaper classified advertising.

If you are running a statewide classified newspaper advertising campaign there are state newspaper associations that offer great rates on almost all the papers in your state. Discount newspaper advertising rates may be 30% – 50% – 70% off list, if you buy classified advertising through your state newspaper association. Yes, they’re that much cheaper.

State Associations can be found online, in directories, and in “The Intelligent Testing System” – a program that offers specific reference data on classified advertising. It’s a compilation database of names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the state newspaper associations in the U.S., along with all the major national classified ad buying associations. It also includes the specific discount rates for virtually every local paper published in the United States.

If you want to learn how to place 100 to 10,000 classified ads nationwide with a single phone call at highly discounted rates, The Intelligent Testing System is the ultimate program on classified ads. You’ll see exactly where to buy cheap newspaper advertising and how to purchase newspaper classified advertising in bulk at a discount.

2. Local Newspaper Advertising.

Discount advertising rates abound in local newspaper advertising if you know how to ask. If you’re just buying one ad one time it’s pretty hard to get cheap newspaper advertising rates. But if you are a local retailer, all your ads are going to be local advertising. And chances are great that you’re placing more than just the single ad, so you have A) good credibility and B) great negotiating power – so you need to C) ask for a discount for all local ads your print advertisement campaign.

Everyone likes a winning ad – advertisers love it because it consistently brings in business, the papers love it because if a client’s retail print advertising is successful, they’ll run it more frequently – perhaps forever. So ask for a discount for your print advertising rates, and here’s the way you go about it.

3. How to politely ask for a discount newspaper advertisement rate:

Ask for

o 2 ads for the cost of 1 (buy one get one free special)

o Ask for a larger ad at a smaller ad price

o Buy 2 get one FREE rate

o Mail Order Rate

o Multiple Insertion Rate

o Contact Rate (for longer insertion contracts)

o Remnant Space Rate

4. Send a press release with every ad you place.

A press release doubles your exposure and with the successful placement of your press release, your credibility goes up – way, way up.

Remember, newspaper editors love press releases. They have a complete newspaper to fill up every day (every week for weekly papers) and writing it all themselves is tough. Newspaper advertising needs support from the editorial, and if you write your press release correctly you’ll be providing this editorial support. See our 85-page chapter on writing press releases in the book, “How To Market a Product For Under $500.”

5. Ask your local paper for “remnant space.”

If placing national ads, use a remnant space buying service – there are several great ones around, and are shown in the book “Direct Marketing Strategies.”

“Remnant space” is the term that makes all newspaper and magazine publishers cringe.

Also called “Standby space,” this is the unsold part of the newspaper left over just before the newspaper goes to press. Like an empty seat on an airplane when the door is closing, newspaper advertising space is a perishable commodity. The newspaper publisher can’t leave it blank – it would appear as a white hole in a gray page of print, so sometimes they’ll run a house ad for the newspaper, or sometimes a free ad for a charity like the United Way. But most times it’s sold, and anything paid for it is better revenue than a non-paid space. This can mean cheap and highly discounted newspaper advertising space ads for you.

Remnant ad space is always sold late in the selling cycle, at the last closing moments before the printing process. You won’t know if your remnant space ad made it into the paper until the last second, but the steep discounts make it worth the wait.

Discount newspaper advertising rates can be as high as 80% off list. That’s right, you can get cheap newspaper advertising space by paying 20 cents on the dollar by asking for “remnant space” or “standby space.” For the complete article on how to buy discount newspaper space please read the book, Uncommon Marketing Techniques, or click through to our website as sometimes we feature this article in our rotating article presentations.

Regardless of the price you pay for your newspaper advertising rates, always ask for great placement of your ad in the FRONT of the paper, on the TOP of the page (called above the fold) and flush right – on the RIGHT HAND (outside position) of the RIGHT hand page. This is the highest visibility spot in the paper. Ads that are in the lower part of the paper or buried in the gutter are much lower visibility and lose effectiveness from this poor placement.

You need to ask for this “FFRH” (Far Forward Right Hand” position above the fold spot before you say “yes” to the final placing of your ad. Once you say yes to placing your newspaper ad, you don’t have any further negotiating power. Even highly discount print advertising rates won’t help if your ad isn’t seen because it’s in the left hand page gutter – visually buried under everyone else’s ad. Hope this is helpful.

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