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Guidelines for Employees to Follow In Case of a Chemical Spill

Chemicals are corrosive, poisonous and have many other dangerous properties.Prevention is better than cure. There should be proper procedures for storing, transferring, using, handling and disposing of chemicals in the company. Employees have to be trained on how to handle chemical spills correctly. The training programs on hazard are short-term programs that will not demoralize employees from participating. This is the appropriate way of handling a chemical spill accident that employee should learn.

Prepare for the emergency because a chemical spill accident does not want anyone that it will happen. The employee should be enlightened on response procedures that they should follow when the hazard happens. Employees can keep reminding themselves of the response procedure if you put them in writing and hang the written material at a strategic place where they can all see it every day. Gather all the necessary equipment for demonstrating to the employees how the procedures of responding to a chemical spill should be carried out. Ensure that you have enough equipment that can help to take care of the chemical spill immediately to prevent further damages.

Employees must quickly communicate to their colleagues all over the premises immediately the chemical spill accident happens. No one should come near the chemical still even if it appears small to ensure that everyone is safe as you determine the appropriate response procedure. Determine the environmental threats, physical damage to the property and how the chemical will affect human beings. After assessing the risk of the spill you should evaluate the quantity of the spill to determine if you can clean it up without help from outside. There are many impacts of a chemical spill, depending on the type of chemical. The vapor from the chemical may be harmful to the health of human beings.

If after evaluating the chemical spill you find out that you can clean it up by yourself you should proceed to recommend the procedures to follow. You should contact the officer in charge of handling hazardous cases in your company because they have to be informed. Follow the right cleanup procedure for every type of chemical spill. Control the liquid from spreading as you are cleaning it up. The materials that have been used to clean the chemical should be disposed of in separate trash from there one you used to throw away other dirt. Decontaminated area that you have cleaned up.

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